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The Big Optometry Blog

Zeal video helmet sm

Editor giving it large

Its been a hectic start to the year and I must apologise to all Big Optometry Blog watchers for having abandoned you for so long

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Is there a future for eye tech?

Wearable tech continues to be a big deal but it is wrists and not eyes that seem to be getting all of the attention

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An optimistic start to the year

As the Greeks head for the polls and the oil price heads south it feels there is a lot of negative news around at the moment but this weeks Optician Index shows a few chinks of light, for optics at least.

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Astronaut-Koichi-Wakata-performs-OCT-examination-onboard-the-International-Space-Station-300x297 (1)

Talk about niche marketing

How many of your patients are astronauts¬†? Those of you who thought our story on lowered blood pressure on long haul space flight may have thought we had lost the plot but fear not. Our clinical editor got very excited about this particular tale, and, let’s face, astronauts have to have their eyes examined too.

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Dudley Adams

A Christmas and New Year round up

Happy New Year!

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Head orgasms from the optician

When she lowered the lights and used the pen torch to see into the backs of my eyes, I experienced this tingling sensation.

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A young lad in NHS specs

NHS specs feature on the BBC’s One Show

There was an unexpected surprise served up at Wednesday dinnertime when the BBC’s One Show slotted in package on the history of NHS specs.

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Roberto Cavalli

Snakes on again

Frame styles are a strange thing. In the world of optics we live in a kind of bubble where all the styles we see, and the people we see wearing specs, tend to be at the extreme end of the spectrum.

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Venerus sq

Enhancing the profession — seeing the wider health picture

  So much is written about enhanced service provision, community eyecare services, NHS pathways, the transfer of secondary care into the primary sector and other such topics related to the NHS plus securing funding while extending the role of optometrists and DOs. Despite this tsunami of information these topics remain the toughest for the optician […]

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Gonzalos speeds in as clocks go back

Ex-hurricane Gonzalos shattered any illusion that the UK was set for a warm and peaceful Indian Summer.

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