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Movember is a testing time

Duette fitting.jpgNovember is shaping up to be a busy month. Not only am I growing a moustache (hence Movember) but there are a mass of events to visit and lots of products being tried out by the team.

This is a picture of me being fitted with No7 Duette hybrid lens at the National Eyecare Group meeting at the motor Museum in Gaydon.

The fitting, by Katie Harrop, was excellently and quickly carried out. In less than five minutes I was wearing a fully fitted hybrid lens. I must admit to being surprised at the comfort of Duette. I assumed anything with an RGP in it is going to hard work but I was proved wrong.

As well as test driving a very smart car ( 1940s Bentley S1) to the NEG there have been more products being worn and tested. It’s been some time since Optician has done this and while n=1 is not a grewat sample it is great to see some truly innovative products being brought to market.

Oakley True Digital sports lenses in a custom Jawbone frame got the Tried and tested treatment this week and I have also just started wearing some CooperVision Multifocal Biofinity lenses too. More on this later. There is no one more wowed than a newly corrected presbyope. I am about to become a multifocal evangelist. Watch this space.

Chris Bennett

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Chris Bennett is the Editor of Optician

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