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The Big Optometry Blog


Don’t assume that everyone agrees

A lot has been written in the pages of Optician and elsewhere about the common sense of providing primary health in accessible places such as the high street. The call for just this through the We Are Primary Care move last week was just the latest in a long list. From an optometry perspective it makes […]

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The cast of Cats are feline groovy in Specsavers

Making optical practice more approachable

Whether its be the cast of Cats on the Isle of Wight descending on the local specsavers, an optician in Sheffield showing off her culinary skills, a row in Cheshire or alleged wrongdoings by a domiciliary in East Anglia –opticians  seem to be in the news at the moment. This, of course in no bad thing. […]

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ready readers

Not quite ready for ready readers

I’m privileged to be offered a range of optical  products to try out and report on but this sometimes sets up other vision issues. Some of the latest products I have been test driving are cosmetic contact lenses such as Alcon’s Air Optix Colors. The idea was to see the effects of the cosmetics rather […]

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Sign up to the Tour de Yorkshire and raise money for Optometry Giving Sight

The Tour de France is creating quite a stir this year which is great news for all us MAMIMs. For those of you  familiar with the acronym Middle aged Men In Lycra you will probably have guessed that the last M is for merino wool, a much more natural, and far more expensive, alternative. Which […]

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Orinoco goes East

Fun in the sun(glasses)

Maui Jim is a company that knows how to have some fun. This weekend it very kindly laid on a tennis event at The Wimbledon Club that stands alongside the All England Tennis Club, that of the famous Wimbledon tennis. It was good to see the latest line up of sunglasses and see its sports […]

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GoogleGlass, the future or a flash in the pan?

Anyone reading Optician, visiting Optrafair or watching the telly can not have escaped the phenomenon which is GoogleGlass. This technology essentially puts the web in front of your eyes by projecting, what you would normally have to look at a screen for, in front of your very eyes ( as magicians used to say) . […]

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Have a look at the new Optician website and learn something you didn’t know

The more eagle- eyed among you will have noticed some differences in the Optician website of late. All of the CET, interactive and non-interactive, is still there but there is a constant stream of news making it to the site. When Optician first mooted the idea of investing heavily in a new website the question […]

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Social media, doncha just love it

Publishing is getting pretty complicated these days. I came across this tweet which has a wonderful picture in it. In the old days I  would have cut that out and pasted it next to my desk.  

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These are the optical jokes, folks

Optician’s IT crowd have been analysing our traffic and decided that what our readers really like are optical jokes. So, in the interest of giving the folks what they want, please go to our Facebook page to read our latest funny list and join in the fun. And if you like our page while you’re […]

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Optician’s new website is up and running

Well it took at little time but we are there. Optician has a new WordPress website complete with a rolling news service, interactive CET, galleries and much much more. The development of the website has been a long time in the making with research, user panels, designers wireframes, user experience testing among the many things […]

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