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The Big Optometry Blog


Will peace ever break out between the multiples and the independents?

Will peace ever break out between the multiples and the independents?

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General election 2015

Optician news editor retains seat

Calling an election is always a dangerous thing to do

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Birmingham brings the industry and the profession back together

Birmingham is benefiting from a bit of a love-in of late

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Porsche Design p8592a

Let’s shout about products all year

I always used to marvel at the frequency with which Optrafair and the Optician Awards came around and that was when Optrafair only took place once every two years

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Brighton fog

The calm, and the fog, before the storm

There’s a surreal feel about things at the moment. With the Optician Awards and Optrafair just around the corner it feels as though all hell should be breaking loose

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Susanna Reid

A week of specs and eye issues in the national media

Its’s always interesting to see what the national newspapers are interested in when it comes to eyewear and eye care and also where you find those references

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Zeal video helmet sm

Editor giving it large

Its been a hectic start to the year and I must apologise to all Big Optometry Blog watchers for having abandoned you for so long

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Is there a future for eye tech?

Wearable tech continues to be a big deal but it is wrists and not eyes that seem to be getting all of the attention

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An optimistic start to the year

As the Greeks head for the polls and the oil price heads south it feels there is a lot of negative news around at the moment but this weeks Optician Index shows a few chinks of light, for optics at least.

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Astronaut-Koichi-Wakata-performs-OCT-examination-onboard-the-International-Space-Station-300x297 (1)

Talk about niche marketing

How many of your patients are astronauts¬†? Those of you who thought our story on lowered blood pressure on long haul space flight may have thought we had lost the plot but fear not. Our clinical editor got very excited about this particular tale, and, let’s face, astronauts have to have their eyes examined too.

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