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Busy parents forgetting eye care

Following news over the summer that school children were missing out on eye tests (Comment 24.07.15), the spotlight has now fallen on parents. This is because a study released by ABDO this week has found 60 per cent of parents do not know their children should have an eye test every two years. Perhaps even […]

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Bringing an end to the silly season

August usually represents something of a silly season in the news, but Optician seems to have been bombarded with a sequence of must-read stories all month. It began with the new GOC standards, a set of new expectations being imposed on professionals. At the same time, a new code of conduct was unveiled for online […]

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Are online eye exams a threat?

There have been two news stories about online eye tests in as many weeks in Optician journal. In each instance, the provider has faced resistance from the American Optometric Association and it can only be a matter of time before similar services are marketed at UK patients. When they do, who will put up a […]

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Eye tests fall off the timetable

As the schools break up for the summer holidays a new breakdown in child eye screening has been identified. A College of Optometrists investigation in this week’s news shows councils cannot be counted on to provide vision screening at primary schools. But the ‘postcode lottery’ is nothing new and now instead of relying on public […]

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Optical sector ready to work together

It has been a week when London Underground workers and a professional footballer have deemed it necessary to take their own versions of strike action over distinctly different conditions. However, in the optical sector firms are more determined than ever to work together, with the link between independents and the supply chain growing from strength […]

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Heatwave brings mixed fortunes

A heatwave across the UK this week spelt good and bad news for the optical sector. On one hand, the tropical weather will have done much to bolster sunglass sales and be an early catalyst for the pre-summer holiday rush. It meant the sunglass sector enjoyed some healthy exposure this week. Dispensing optician Andy Hepworth […]

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Contact lens mania in the North West

This week the great and good of contact lenses gathered in Manchester and then Liverpool for the IACLA congress followed by the BCLA conference – in a seven day feast of CL education and networking. For those of you feeling left out, a little taste of what’s happened so far can be found in the […]

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Report shows every patient counts for CL compliance

It was certainly not a first, but news of a student contact lens wearer being treated for an eye infection made quite a few headlines this week. The Daily Telegraph reported an 18 year old finding ‘a worm-like feature in her left eye’, leading the optical profession to communicate the message of good contact lens […]

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Cameron escapes visit to the dark room

When Optician went to press earlier this week the nation was getting ready to vote in the general election. Latest polls suggested David Cameron’s lead would be enough to see the Tories over the line once again, before returning to a ‘darkened’ negotiating room with potential coalition partners. Cameron’s reference to dark room discussions with […]

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Gadgets will offer short window of opportunity

Augmented reality glasses and contact lenses were a hot topic during Optrafair last month. While the excitement generated by new smart devices, demonstrated most recently by the Apple watch, is undeniable, their actual use is often less cut and dried. The real advantage smart glasses have over the wrist-residing alternative is hands free display, video […]

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