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The Contact Lens Blog

I never knew there was so much in it

Optician is always keen to find out what its readers want and increasingly that is general information on how to run a business, interacting with the people around them and managing their career. This might lead to editorial coverage on succession planning, retirement, marketing, understanding customers, differentiation, reviews of products understanding the current economic situation, […]

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Multifarious multifocals

Perhaps it’s my age or perhaps it is contact lens technology but there is an awful lot of activity in the multifocal contact lens area at the momen

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A true Halloween horror story

Anyone who has read this blog before will have noticed a common theme about the dangers of cosmetic lenses purchased from non-optical outlets, and it sometimes seems that the warnings may be a little over-egged. Not this year. Not this Halloween. There have been some true horror headlines following an unfortunate case where a woman […]

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Coloured lenses – I’m afraid not

As Halloween approaches and the annual alerts about the danger of wearing zero-powered fancy dress lenses are published http://www.opticianonline.net/bcla-alerts-consumers-novelty-contact-lens-risk/ it’s interesting to note that advances have recently been made in a different form of coloured contact lens – the eye-enhancing or cosmetic contact lenses. As a recent round table at Optician‘s offices http://www.opticianonline.net/cosmetic-contact-lenses-roundtable/ revealed, there was practitioner […]

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Healthy approach to lens wear

If you have no concerns about wearing your contact lenses in the shower or swimming, it is well worth taking a look at a new initiative from Moorfields Eye Hospital – Healthy Habits, Healthy Eyes. In response to what appears to be a quite dramatic increase in cases of Acanthamoeba keratitis (80 in 16 months, […]

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Smart move could restore eye’s autofocus

A move that could herald all manner of new contact lens developments has take place with the Novartis agreement to license smart lens technology from Google There has been plenty of coverage in the past of Google’s plans to introduce a contact lens that helps monitor glucose levels in diabetic patients through tear fluid analysis, […]

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Overwear and lack of care

There’s been a bit of chat in the office about compliance – or lack of – of late, but this latest news story is perhaps one of the worst cases of contact lens misuse I’ve read about in some time. Consumers often admit to stretching their contact lens wear past the recommended lens wear times, […]

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Contact lens alarm

Reluctant as I am to drive traffic to The Daily Mail website, which doesn’t need my help, there was a sensationalist story about contact lenses DESTROYING (their capitals) eyesight with ONE (my caps) woman’s cautionary tale. Basically it boils down to a wearer who kept her lenses in ‘for more than 14 hours every day’ […]

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Is all OK with orthokeratology?

Researchers have been busy in Hong Kong, looking into the benefits and pitfalls of orthokeratology, with a flurry of study results just published and the conclusion that another study is needed Ophthalmologists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) found that 38 per cent of microbial keratitis cases between 2001 and 2010 among 18 […]

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How to avoid an American Horror Story

Here’s one way to really frighten those among us who may be inclined to buy contact lenses without a prescription or from an illegal seller – team up with American Horror Story for a Decorative Contact Lens Campaign  This US initiative, involving the FDA, American Optometric Association and the Entertainment Industries Council, aims to bring the […]

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