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If you have any questions about CET, call Kay Hévey on 020 8652 8243 or email kay.hevey@rbi.co.uk


C37672: Coloured lenses and cognitive function

Dr Douglas Clarkson reviews the published literature relating to visual interventions with people identified as being on the autistic spectrum. CET Module C37672, one distance learning CET point for optometrists and DOs

Communication BlueOcular Disease BlueCommunication BrownOcular Abnormalities

C37276: Elements of refraction – part 7

Tina Patel completes her review of near addition by discussing methods of prescribing other than that based on date of birth. Module C37276, one distance learning point for optometrists and dispensing opticians

Assessment & Visual Function BlueRefractive Management

C37437: Macular conditions – part 4

Louise Stainer and Salman Mirza discuss the various management options currently available for age-related macular degeneration in this CET exercise

Ocular Disease BlueOcular Abnormalities

C37421: External eye and adnexa VRICS

In order to take part in this VRICS CET on external eye and adnexa module look at the images, consider the case history and then answer the questions.

Ocular Examination GreenOcular Disease BlueOcular Abnormalities

C37339: Macular conditions – part 3

In the third part of our CET series looking at maculopathies, Louise Stainer and Salman Mirza discuss the various techniques for clinical assessment of the macula

Ocular Examination Blue