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CooperVision explains benefits of multifocals

Posted by Optician on 7 December 2012 in Clinical,Contact Lenses


Contact lens firm CooperVision has completed a series of 12 half-day courses across the UK.

The November courses included seminars, role-plays and workshops for professionals – primarily focusing on multifocal contact lenses.

At a penultimate event in London, professional relations manager of CooperVision Karl Aberdeen told practitioners that the number of global presbyopia patients was expected to rise by 35 per cent by 2020. ‘Our hope is that your view of multifocal contact lenses will change by 5.30 this afternoon,’ he said. Practitioners earned six CET points from three parallel sessions.

Philip Mullins from National Eyecare Group led a session on enhanced communications where he underlined the importance of practice websites reaching the first page of a Google search.

Delegates were concerned about the potential pitfalls of using Facebook and Twitter as marketing tools and Mullins also spoke of the value of displaying interactive videos in the practice.

Two interactive workshops were held featuring role-play actors and discussions with patients who were using CooperVision’s multifocal contact lenses.

In the role-play session, yellow and red cards were brandished when the word ‘compromise’ was used when talking about multifocals. CooperVision’s one-day multifocals were recommended for part-time use while full-time wear required monthlies.

Coopervision’s other courses were held in Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, West London, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Southampton.