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March 2010 - Big Optometry Blog

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  • Bloggers beware

    I will have to be very careful with future posts given the fate suffered by Rod Liddle after his outspoken Spectator blog. As a journalist I am clearly aware of the need to be accurate and impartial in everything I write, but also as a journalist I still...
  • Is this a record?

    Anyone attending the CET consultation events currently being held by the GOC will have heard that nearly a dozen clever clogs practitioners have already won their tally for the current three year cycle of CET. I'm sure this gives those individuals...
  • Young legs are hard to catch

    A wet weekend didn't leave much space for training and certainly not the usual Sunday morning ride with son number two. My activity was confined to gardening and general stuff and a bit of Johnny Wilkinson practice at the local rugby club. As the sky cleared on Sunday afternoon I managed a short run so, after a cycle to work ( a rarity) I was ready for my regular Monday lunchtime run with the women from advertising. Disaster, I was left with a youngster to run with. Now a few weeks ago this wouldn't havet bothered me as she was a bit slower than the pace. A couple of months on she has improved incredibly. Oh to be young.
  • Jersey Boys

    I'm a cynical old hack but I recently had the pleasure of joining the Garmin Transitions pro cycling team at their training camp in Calpe, Spain. I think it is going to be hard to avoid pro cycling this summer but already firms such as Shamir are...
  • There's mud in yer eye

    Woke to another beautiful sunny day and with thoughts of Alpe D'Huez looming training has to be done. Cycling to work is my mainstay on the bike and eyewear has to be up to the job. I also planned to run a lunchtime to I went for the digitally surfaced Maui Jim MJ Sport Breakwater. This is a great sports frame with a really light polarised lens, ideal for bright and foggy mornings and ideal for running as the frame/lens combo is so light. I wore the frame to work and then ran in it at lunchtime. All good. I am spoilt with an array of cycling specs but having worn the tinted MJs, and the light having faded I switched to a ordinary frame. I certainly noticed the difference, the wind, the lack of around vision and the insecurity of a normal frame. The biggest shock was left for after I got home. While having a quick wash before feeding the kids I looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed dirt in the corner of both eyes. I hope it was dirt and not road grim, it was certainly something I am not used to seeing as I wear propert eyewear. It's easy to forget just how effective cycling eyewear is but believe me when you don't wear it you really notice.
  • Every little helps

    The latest move by Tesco is sure to draw some fire from its competitors but have we been living on borrowed time? When the universal free eye exam was removed many expected the optical sector to swallow the cost and simply pile the loss onto the price...
  • Brake-a-leg

    We are in one of those periods of the year when no one is on holiday, people have stopped being ill and the roads are crammed. So it was this morning through Espom which had a stationary line of traffic running into it from every direction. Although I ride a fixed wheel, single speed bike I'm not mad so I do have a front and back brake. I've often toyed with the idea of leg braking but only really found out this morning how effective it is. The first backwheel lock came when a cautious driver in an Aston Martin crossed from the opposite side of the road to drop his kid off at prep school. At the last moment he realised the kerb was a bit tall so swung back out into the road (he's already facing the wrong way on my side remember). He didn't want to dent an alloy wheel but didn't mind denting me. Stop No 1. Stop No 2 took place while following a motorbike down the outside of a line of traffic. He suddenly decided he couldn't make the next gap so slammed on the brakes. I skidded to a halt with my legs locking the peddles and back wheel in place. I impressed myself -- not too sure how many times the tyre will stand that kind of treatment though.
  • The other side of the fence

    It's always great to get out into practice and see how the theory of eyecare and dealing with patients is put into practice. I recently accompanied Mrs Optician Editor to the optician so she could have an eye exam and buy a new pair of specs, I badgered...
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