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Jacqueline Salmon we salute you
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Our assocaition masters have spent, possibly, millions of pounds trying to get optics into the limelight. they've set up Health hotels, employed lobbyists, set up levies for support funds, created DVDs to get you MP onboard.


And then it happened. On a TV programme with possibly the biggest audience seen since the Queen's coronations there is a dispensing optician, jacqueline Salmon with her lips at the microphone.

Sadly for optics she lives in Burnley and simply wanted to know what could be done about all of the burglaries in the area.


It's probably all those Clarets fans distraught at being kicked out of the first division (or the McDonald challenge cup, whatever it's called these days) .

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Posted 26 Apr 2010 3:49 PM by the big optometry blog | Report Abuse
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