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The shocking face of driver's vision
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Driving and vision has become a bit of a mission for Optician. It has been fully supportive of the driving and vision working group and has long supported organisations such as BRAKE.

But what does driving with poor vision mean? Only those who have been affected by a driver with defective vision can really appreciate the ramifications. This is not a victimless issue. Vehicles are killers with a visually impaired driver behind the wheel or someone who simply can't be bothered to wear their specs.

The true human cost comes out in stories like this, the sad story of Eilidh Cairns killed under the wheels of a 32-tonne tipper lorry. Her case has been seen as emblematic of the disregard for cyclists on the streets but it too is a tale of a driver unable to see properly. Many young women have been killed, often by lorries.In this case the driver  pleaded guilty to a charge of driving with defective vision.

The sentence, three points and a £200 fine.


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