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  • Jersey Boys

    I'm a cynical old hack but I recently had the pleasure of joining the Garmin Transitions pro cycling team at their training camp in Calpe, Spain. I think it is going to be hard to avoid pro cycling this summer but already firms such as Shamir are...
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by the big optometry blog on 2 Mar 2010
  • There's mud in yer eye

    Woke to another beautiful sunny day and with thoughts of Alpe D'Huez looming training has to be done. Cycling to work is my mainstay on the bike and eyewear has to be up to the job. I also planned to run a lunchtime to I went for the digitally surfaced Maui Jim MJ Sport Breakwater. This is a great sports frame with a really light polarised lens, ideal for bright and foggy mornings and ideal for running as the frame/lens combo is so light. I wore the frame to work and then ran in it at lunchtime. All good. I am spoilt with an array of cycling specs but having worn the tinted MJs, and the light having faded I switched to a ordinary frame. I certainly noticed the difference, the wind, the lack of around vision and the insecurity of a normal frame. The biggest shock was left for after I got home. While having a quick wash before feeding the kids I looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed dirt in the corner of both eyes. I hope it was dirt and not road grim, it was certainly something I am not used to seeing as I wear propert eyewear. It's easy to forget just how effective cycling eyewear is but believe me when you don't wear it you really notice.
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by Chris Bennett on 2 Mar 2010
  • Maison Martin Margiela Incognito Assemblé sunglasses: now two aviators in one

    Last week we had D&G's doubled up sunglasses, now we have the latest adventurous collection from Maison Martin Miguela, the Incognito Assemblé aviators. Maison Martin Marguela's last collection was of course those crazy visor aviators. I liked them but these Incognito Assemblé sunglasses are briliant. They remind me of the mow-lines left on a lawn: when the mower goes one way, you get chunky
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 1 Mar 2010
  • Young legs are hard to catch

    A wet weekend didn't leave much space for training and certainly not the usual Sunday morning ride with son number two. My activity was confined to gardening and general stuff and a bit of Johnny Wilkinson practice at the local rugby club. As the sky cleared on Sunday afternoon I managed a short run so, after a cycle to work ( a rarity) I was ready for my regular Monday lunchtime run with the women from advertising. Disaster, I was left with a youngster to run with. Now a few weeks ago this wouldn't havet bothered me as she was a bit slower than the pace. A couple of months on she has improved incredibly. Oh to be young.
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by Chris Bennett on 1 Mar 2010
  • Every little helps

    The latest move by Tesco is sure to draw some fire from its competitors but have we been living on borrowed time? When the universal free eye exam was removed many expected the optical sector to swallow the cost and simply pile the loss onto the price...
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by the big optometry blog on 1 Mar 2010
  • Styles to fit the brand

    Swedish fashion brand Marc O’Polo has collaborated with optical distributor Eschenbach to launch its 2010 eyewear range. The collection, which includes 33 optical frames and 26 sunglasses, has three lines, entitled Nordic Luxury, Modern Casual and Retro Classics. The frames, made from high quality metal and acetate, are described by distributor International Eyewear as being fashion-forward yet timeless, which fits with Marc O’Polo’s brand positioning of simple and casual luxury. Details: 0121 585 6565.
    Posted to Optician's Focus on Frames by Alex on 26 Feb 2010
  • Vibrant new frames from Karen Millen

    Manufacturer Optoplast Actman describes its five newly launched Karen Millen optical frames as ‘stunning, sophisticated and wholly feminine’. The collection is encapsulated by the model KM0090 (pictured) which has a narrow eye shape and wide temples. The tapered sides of the frames feature an embossed stripey animal print and are made from a combination of metal and acetate. Depicting a vibrant design, the model is available in three colour themes. Details: 020 8544 9888.
    Posted to Optician's Focus on Frames by Alex on 26 Feb 2010
  • Look of luxury from De Rigo

    Two new optical frame collections have been launched by Italian eyewear distributor De Rigo under the Chopard and Givenchy brands. Pieces in the Chopard ophthalmic eyewear collection were designed to look like jewellery accessories and feature feminine, lightweight styles made from acetate and plastic and using gold plating. Model VCH067S features the Cameo motif on its temples, a new design element which is characterised by a crossover of two oval crystals framing Chopard’s C logo. The model has wide temples, tapering sides and is made from acetate. Included in the new Chopard collection is the High Jewellery series of frames which feature interwoven coloured crystals as well an italicised C logo on the temples and a wire trimmed frame. Model VCH779S (top) is a typical example of the High Jewellery series. Givenchy’s 2010 range for women (bottom) was designed by Italian fashion designer, Riccardo Tisci and is described by the distributor as ‘modern, austere and sensual’. Created from different materials including plastic, acetate and metal, the collection is available in a variety of colours and all frames feature a discreet Givenchy logo on the temples. Details: 01923 249491.
    Posted to Optician's Focus on Frames by Alex on 26 Feb 2010
  • It's no yolk: 2010 is the year for big, round sunglasses

    This picture was taken in Mississippi by Jellymon. Not sure who the sunglasses are by, but they're 2010 alright.
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 26 Feb 2010
  • Zippy or pointy? Linda Farrow sunglasses for Alexander Wang

    Can't quite make up my mind which of these two I prefer, the exagerrated cat's eyes below or the zip above. Both are Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang.
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 25 Feb 2010
  • Kirk Originals glasses walk on water - the 2010 Sculpture collection

    ...Well perhaps walk is an exagerration, but these glasses from Kirk Originals' Sculpture range, to be released in Milan in two weeks, are pretty miraculous. This one is Otis, in grey and scarlet but there are six new shapes in nine new colourways. The fronts are acetate while the temples, which appear to be textured yet smooth, are acrylic. Take yourself off to Kirk Originals' site (always fun)
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 24 Feb 2010
  • Apropos of something: Propo Design spectacles from Japan

    Propo Design spectacles from Japan, great acetates and metal frames. Propo has a boutique too, in Osaka.
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 24 Feb 2010
  • Why isn't this getting any easier?

    I was down in the West Country over the weekend and managed a tidy 7 mile run on Dartmoor. On Monday I managed another short run at lunchtime with a couple of fit young ladies from advertising and was still feeling pretty good after that. This morning, the rain had almost stopped so it was back on the bike. The dirty, fixed wheel single speed one -- man it was hard. Now I have to admit to letting the maintenance fall off a little in all this bad weather and I had had to oil the chain before setting off so I assumed it was the resistance of that and the previous days' runs. All was revelaed when I got to work. the bar bag carrying my headlamp battery was squashing the rear brake cable so after I had pulled the brake it had stayed on. Phew, I thought for a moment it was my age. It all makes me realise what is in store on the Alpe D'Huez.
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by Chris Bennett on 23 Feb 2010
  • The IT crowd

    Barbie has started wearing specs its seems ( see Optician Feb 26) and those style gurus at Mattel have even consulted women's engineering agencies in the US to make sure she is authentic. A vote ( not sure among who) decided to make modern Barbie...
    Posted to Big Optometry Blog by the big optometry blog on 23 Feb 2010
  • Oscar Magnuson: 2010 sunglass campaign and handsome Damien specs

    Oscar Magnuson has some great new campaign images for its 2010 sunglass collection - which looks terrific. All pictures are taken sideways on which leaves you wanting to find out more, which you can here. Below, a handsome pair of Oscar Magnuson optical glasses called Damien. I love the slight keyhole bridge and the strong rectangular shape. And below that, Santi, another great shape, in a
    Posted to EyeWearGlasses by Eye Wear Glasses RSS feed on 23 Feb 2010
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