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And they're off
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It's late July, the race is on and the journeys are being made. After many months in the saddle, on the road and in the pool the Optician Triathlon Team is ready for action.

Our, now depleted, team of five is heading south for the Alpes for the Long (Wed) and short (Thurs) version of the Alpe d'Huez triathlon. The beautiful Lac du Verney beckons and the Alpe D looms. I prefer not to think about the hilly the half marathon at altitude.

I wish to personally thank all of the team members, all of those who have donated to the team's fund, BBGR, Essilor, Transitions and Rupp + Hubarch for their generous support.

All that is left is to wish the team luck and, err.........finish the race.

Bon chance.

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Posted 23 Jul 2010 3:13 PM by Optician Triathlon Team | Report Abuse
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