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Full UV protection
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I thought it was about time I had at least one photo (come on other team members)of the new kit on the site so here I am in the 2011 version of the Transitions Team jersey.
I've started wearing the kit to commute into work and as I was leaving home this morning I thought I may as well grab a picture.

It wasn't until I saw the result that I realised why I get so many funny looks when I'm on the bike.
What's Chris wearing today:

Lycra 3/4 length bibshorts naturally, Transitions top, Rudy Project Rydons with drivewear lenses ( it may be getting dark on the way home).
But it doesn't stop there.

My wife has started to insist I wear a helmet when I'm cycling. After many years of never wearing one the whole Ironman experience has sort of got me into the habit. What I can't get out of the habit of is wearing a cap when its so sunny. There is nothing to beat a cycling cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. This is even more pronounced early in the year when the sun is so low and I'm travelleing east in the Morning and west in the evening.
The full ensemble looks a bit over the top but it works.

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