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Morven Campbell explains the significance of pachymetry and how it is undertaken in clinical practice
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C53625: Light and the visual cycle

Closing Date: 16/10/2016

In the first of a series of articles on the electromagnetic spectrum and light transmission to the eye, Coralie Barrau, Amélie Kudla and Mélanie Tessieres explain the influence of light upon the retina and review the evidence for harmful impact
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C53568: Pattern glare

Closing Date: 16/10/2016

Dr Laura J Monger, Professor Peter M Allen, Professor Bruce JW Evans and Professor Arnold J Wilkins explain the concept of pattern glare, evidence for its impact and how practitioners may be influential in assisting when problems result
Communication Standards of practice Communication Standards of practice
In the second of a six-part series, Professor Mo Jalie explains the design of modern progressive power lenses
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In focus: Coloured filters

Bill Harvey looks at a newly published paper casting doubts on the use of coloured filters in the management of reading concerns and hears arguments ...

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Personalised medicine part 2

Dr Douglas Clarkson concludes his look at the latest developments in gene intervention with a review of the latest gene and stem cell treatments for ...

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Demands on eyes

In the most literal and scientific sense of the word, your eyes ‘work’ as hard as you do. Innovative contact lenses may ease their workload. Dr Charles Scales and Dr Brian Pall explain

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Look local: Chesterfield

Competition for patients between multiple chains in Chesterfield has made regular private eye care services and products affordable and accessible to ...

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