Launching our new Join Venture opportunity

In a move that could transform the domiciliary eye care industry, OutsideClinic is officially launching a new Joint Venture ownership structure in September 2022, giving ambitious, committed, patient-centred optometrists the chance to run their own company, helped by the best support team in the business.

More freedom with your own business

The new opportunity means that optometrists can now combine a rewarding career where you can deliver life-changing care with all the benefits that come from owning your own company - with guaranteed client acquisition from day one, comprehensive marketing support and ongoing business development all included in the package.

Our partnerships offer the flexibility to manage your day with the freedom to be out and about, rather than in a testing room all day. It allows you to use all your clinical expertise and develop your knowledge through our industry-leading CPD programme, making a genuine difference to every patient you see. In addition, there’s no weekend working, helping to achieve a better work-life balance.

No experience? No problem

Our Joint Venture Partnership opportunities are open to all optometrists and while domiciliary experience is preferable, it’s not essential. It is an opportunity for patient-centred individuals passionate about delivering excellent eye care to those who most need our help. We have pathways for anybody new to domiciliary, and we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to anybody new to starting a business.

Hear from one of our partners

Linda Marriott joined OutsideClinic earlier this year and jumped at the opportunity of having a partnership with us. She told us: ‘Where my role differs from an employed optometrist within the company is that as a Joint Venture Partner, I get to own a stake in my own business. Not only do I get to build and run my own domiciliary practice, with more control over my clinics and how I acquire my own patients, but I’m also able to take advantage of OutsideClinic’s industry-leading support services such as finance, HR, IT and marketing.

‘Their excellent support infrastructure takes a lot of the stress out of running my own business and means I’m able to focus on what I do best: making a real difference to patients’ lives through excellent eye care. I have all the benefits that come with being able to manage my own day, as well as the lifestyle benefits that come with not working weekends, while being able to take advantage of a pay structure that really rewards me for my hard work and ambition.’

Does this sound like the opportunity you’ve been looking for?

There’s only so much information we can share with you here, so why not head over to and discover if you’ve got what it takes to be our next partner. You’ll be able to arrange a chat with one of our Joint Venture experts, and you too could soon be on the path to more freedom.