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Case study: Klinefelter

Continuing our series of challenging cases from the community eye care practice, Kirit Patel looks at a condition caused by an extra X chromosome

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Optomap case study – 3

In the third in a monthly series showing the benefits of ultra-widefield retinal assessment, including those of particular relevance during the current pandemic, Simon Browning describes the assessment of choroidal naevi and shows how different colour channel imaging helps to locate a pigmented lesion to a specific depth, so helping diagnosis

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Covid: Keeping you updated 24

Bill Harvey hears about an important study of relevance to all working in contact lens practice, and some disturbing news about face masks

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Covid: Keeping you updated 23

As the UK moves into a second wave of Covid-19, Bill Harvey offers some sobering statistics of the developing situation and revise some that apply to testing

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Covid: Keeping you updated 22

After a brief hiatus, Bill Harvey returns with a selection of the latest news about Covid-19 that might affect eye care practice

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Covid: Keeping you updated 20

In a week when the demise of Public Health England was signalled, Bill Harvey discusses the future approach to diabetic patients

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Covid: Keeping you updated 19

This week has seen some Covid-related developments of particular interest to eye care practice. Bill Harvey offers some details

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Covid: Keeping you updated 18

In a week where the dissemination of facts rather than the facts themselves have again dominated headlines, Bill Harvey focuses on a newly confirmed sign of illness and predictions about future disease rates and patterns

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Covid: Keeping you updated 17

In the week where post-Covid plans for pre-reg optometrists were approved by the GOC, there was much focus on obesity. Bill Harvey expands

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Covid: Keeping you updated 15

In a departure from our usual column format, Dr Joy Myint offers an insight on how UK optical and optometric universities and colleges are responding to the pandemic