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Cataract incidence

Worldwide, cataract is the commonest cause of blindness: 20m people are believed blind because of unoperated cataract, of whom women account for about 65 per cent. Globally, the biggest concentrations of cataract blindness (about 13m people) are in India, China and Africa, with an incidence put as 50 per cent higher in rural than in urban areas.

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Tamoxifen retinopathy

Madhu Nagar, Dr Dimitrios K Tsouris and Sabitha Bandi describe an unusual manifestation of ocular adverse response to tamoxifen

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Rubella and congenital rubella syndrome

Rubella and congenital rubella syndrome In the fourth of our series on systemic disorders and the eye, Dr Iain Phillips looks at the ocular effects of rubella and its complications in new-born children

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Predicting 'wet' maculopathy

Bill Harvey describes a new instrument designed to allow earlier detection of CNV than is possible with standard optometric techniques

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AMD risk factors

In the third of our eye care pathway-related CET articles, Dr Frank Eperjesi and Hannah Bartlett describe the various risk factors, some controllable, for this common eye disease. CET module C981

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Raising awareness of macular degeneration

Tom Bremridge, chief executive of the Macular Disease Society, describes the work of the charity which represents the largest patient group for visually impaired people

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HIV and the eye

In the second of this series on systemic disease Dr Iain Phillips provides an up-to-date summary of HIV and reviews the important ophthalmic complications of the disease

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Life-threatening conditions - Part 2

In the second of two articles, Nicholas Phelps Brown describes more life-threatening conditions of which all eye care practitioners need to be aware

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Presbyopia and

Part 3 - RGP lens fitting in presbyopes. In the final part of this series on presbyopia and contact lenses Jonathan Walker describes the use of RGP lenses (CET module C273)