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Covid: Keeping you updated 14

As many of us return to a somewhat adapted workplace, news is coming in thick and fast. Bill Harvey looks at some important developments

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Challenges of deafblindness

Dr Manbir Nagra explains deafblindness, learns from people with the condition and describes what eye care practitioners need to know about the help that is available, something of particular significance in these challenging times

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Covid: Keeping you updated 13

Bill Harvey reports on the latest research, along with some thoughts from recent webinars relevant to the latest phase of the pandemic

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Covid: Keeping you updated 10

Bill Harvey offers his weekly roundup of Covid-related news. This week, there is much to consider relating to the months ahead

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Covid: Keeping you updated 9

As the UK begins to roll out a track and trace programme, Bill Harvey airs some concerns and reviews some of the latest research

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In Focus: Phased reopening

Yiannis Kotoulas examines the new NHS Wales advice on how practices should implement social distancing once they re-open

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Covid: Keeping you updated 8

In a week that has seen a less than coordinated approach to the recovery from pandemic in some quarters, Bill Harvey highlights some updates from the frontline

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Covid: Keeping you updated 6

Bill Harvey discusses the debate over relaxation of the lockdown, testing and tracing trials and the latest in treatments

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Covid: Keeping you updated 5

Bill Harvey takes a look at some issues to be considered as the world starts to look towards moving out of lockdown

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Covid: Keeping you updated 4

Bill Harvey discusses rapidly developing eye care pathways, concerns over non-contact tonometry and offers some more useful resource links

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Eye health: A bigger picture

Dr Priya Morjaria explains how many challenges to eye care provision are similar both home and overseas, and discusses her research highlighting how solutions may be adopted to maximise the impact of eye health provision

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Eye Care in the Community

The last in our series of interesting case studies from community-based optometrist Kirit Patel is a two part look at uveal melanoma. This second part considers lesions affecting the choroid

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Sjögren’s disease

This month, community-based optometrist Kirit Patel describes two cases of patients suffering field loss due to impact upon the visual pathway