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Branch retinal vein occlusion

In the second of his case studies showing the usefulness of OCT angiography in community practice, winner of this year’s Technology Practice of the Year award Kirit Patel discusses a case of vein occlusion management. He also tells Optician about his practice and what his Optician Award means to him and his team

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Wide range within Scope

Scope Ophthalmics was named Supplier of the Year 2017 at the Optician Awards in Birmingham. Joe Ayling reports from Dublin

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Success in the field

Bill Harvey tries out a recent addition to the visual field analyser market which includes a novel function for combining functional data with retinal images

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Putting pressure on MGD

Bill Harvey tries out a management option for meibomian gland disfunction, newly available in the UK

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Imaging on the go

Portable digital imaging continues to evolve as Bill Harvey finds as he tries out the latest hand held retinal camera

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Error avoidance

Henry Burek explains the extent of error introduced when a Goldmann contact tonometer probe is not correctly aligned

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A history of OCT technology

Since its ophthalmic application was identified, OCT technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Lewis Williams provides a brief overview of the technology’s origins and evolution

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Get the most out of OCT

Spending £40,000 on the latest retinal imaging equipment should not be taken lightly, but with the right approach and affordable financing many optical practices are taking the plunge into OCT. Joe Ayling reports

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Turning up the stereo

Bill Harvey tries out a new camera which makes high quality stereo-imaging of the disc accessible to even the least skilled operator and also boasts extensive analytical software

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D-Eyes have it

Bill Harvey tries out a new smart phone attachment which allows basic eye health screening and boasts a nicely intuitive operation app

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You don’t need OCT

Independent practice owner and director of Optical Success Academy Conor Heaney talks about how independents need more than OCT to successfully differentiate from Specsavers

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Peek of innovation

Bill Harvey learns about the Peek Vision Foundation and its novel efforts to provide accessible eye care to even the most inaccessible and unsupported regions of the world

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21st century eye care

Bill Harvey offers a roundup of the many new and exciting developments in instrumentation at this year’s Optrafair

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i-Pen Osmolarity System

The measurement of tear osmolarity is increasingly used in the assessment of dry eye patients. Jessica MacIsaac describes a new osmolarity measurement device recently introduced into her practice