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Optometric vision therapy

Optometrist Geoff Shayler and patient Laura Lupton describe an interesting case study successfully treating a diplopic visual problem that occurred following a road traffic accident and which resulted in many years of patient distress before any resolution was achieved

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Primary care in South Wales

Andy Britton, whose Specsavers practice in Haverfordwest won last year’s Optician Award for Enhanced Optical Services, starts another series of recent cases he has managed in primary care with a case of cystoid macular oedema

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Refractive surgery survey

Refractive surgeries are increasingly popular, with more clinics emerging in the UK since Optician’s last survey. Technological changes have meant a reduction in price and an increase in options, but concerns have again been raised around communicating the risks to patients. Sean Rai-Roche reports on the most recent findings