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Changing the trajectory

Mark Halling explains to Andrew McClean how CooperVision’s Brilliant Futures programme creates exciting prospects for young myopes

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Domiciliary: Home safety

Mike Hale finds out how the provision of domiciliary eye care has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

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Optegra: Filling the void

Robert Morris tells Andrew McClean how Optegra has adapted its practises during Covid-19 and eased the backlog at the NHS

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Technology: US and them

Bill Harvey highlights some of the innovations discussed at the recent American Academy of Optometry virtual conference

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SCONe: Unlocking the retina

Dr Emma Pead introduces the Scottish Collaborative Optometry-Ophthalmology Network e-research, an exciting new initiative in Scotland, and explains how readers might get involved

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ESCRS virtual 2020 2

In the second report from Dr Irene Siso-Fuertes and Dr Clare O’Donnell of the ESCRS 2020 virtual conference, discussion turns to myopia and surgical developments

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ESCRS virtual 2020

In the first of two reports, Dr Irene Siso-Fuertes and Dr Clare O’Donnell review days one and two of the ESCRS 2020 virtual conference

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Myopia control progress

Andrew McClean looks at the results of VTI’s five-year contact lens study and how CooperVision’s new programme aims to support the management of myopia in practices

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Blunt trauma injury to the eye

In anticipation of a new series of challenging cases from eye care practice, community-based optometrist Kirit Patel describes traumatic injury and its assessment and management during the current Covid-19 pandemic

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Dry eye in a pandemic

Bill Harvey introduces the first in a series of case studies from readers reflecting the sorts of patient presentations that are increasingly being dealt with by eye care professionals since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This week we look at two cases sent in by contact lens optician Beth Ralph

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Changing methods of care

A statement on the use of technology and equipment during Covid-19 has been issued by the GOC. Andrew McClean takes a look at what registrants should consider

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Mask-associated dry eye

Yiannis Kotoulas investigates advice for practitioners on the new phenomenon of mask-associated dry eye

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Barrier breaking IT

A new IT platform rolled out by Primary Eye Services could break down some of the barriers between primary care optical practices and hospital eye services. Andrew McClean reports

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OCT Casebook: Starting out

Having discussed use of the OCT at a routine appointment, Bill Harvey continues our new series developed with Heidelberg Engineering with a look at some results from a healthy young adult