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Low vision without equipment

In this series of case reports, optometrist Dr Michael Crossland shows how low vision care can be provided without specialist equipment

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A fundamental commitment

Andrew McClean finds out what myopia resources are available to practitioners in order to help deliver the best care to patients

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Myopia: Managing a crisis

Rates of myopia are among the highest in the world in Singapore. Yiannis Kotoulas investigates how the Southeast Asian country is managing

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Tried and Tested: Ortho-K

Optometrist and Optician Award-winning contact lens practitioner Bhavin Shah tells Simon Jones that going the extra mile with Ortho-K is well worth the effort

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Myopia: Farsightedness

The World Council of Optometry has just approved a resolution supporting the optometrists in adopting myopia management across the globe. Bill Harvey discusses its significance

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Myopia: The drugs do work

The rise of myopia management has seen the increased use of atropine and other experimental drugs in efforts to minimise myopic progression while avoiding adverse responses due to the treatment. Bill Harvey takes a look

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Myopic management in practice

Sarah Farrant presents another case study from her ever-growing myopia clinic, this time reflecting the importance of patient education and accurate baseline data recording

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Collaborating for myopia

Andrew McClean explores a report that highlights why myopia matters to the wider healthcare community

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NHS eye care in Scotland

Andrew McClean examines the findings of a report into how eye care is delivered in primary care services across Scotland