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Optomap case study – 3

In the third in a monthly series showing the benefits of ultra-widefield retinal assessment, including those of particular relevance during the current pandemic, Simon Browning describes the assessment of choroidal naevi and shows how different colour channel imaging helps to locate a pigmented lesion to a specific depth, so helping diagnosis

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Lockdown: Do it yourself

Bill Harvey tries out a newly launched online vision testing service that should help encourage people to have their eyes tested when needed but may also support business in extending the patient base and improve awareness of the services offered by a practice

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Alleviating pressure

Barbara Ryan tells Andrew McClean about research exploring how primary care schemes could alleviate pressure on hospital eye departments

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Seven Ways: Minimising contact

Bill Harvey speaks to Mike Hale about seven ways to use instruments, equipment and software to help minimise patient contact time in practice and keep as much distance between patients and staff as possible

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A quality of life issue

John Weldon explains to Andrew McClean why it’s time to rollout the Sligo cataract scheme across Ireland

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Future: Refractive surgery

Shehzad Naroo introduces Optician’s Future of Optics coverage, which revisits predictions made for 2020 at the turn of the millennium and then assesses the state of refractive surgery now and in the future

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Myopic management: case study

Sarah Farrant follows up her review of the new MYAH instrument, published in last week’s issue, with a discussion of a case of myopia management from her practice

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Changing the trajectory

Mark Halling explains to Andrew McClean how CooperVision’s Brilliant Futures programme creates exciting prospects for young myopes

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Domiciliary: Home safety

Mike Hale finds out how the provision of domiciliary eye care has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

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Optegra: Filling the void

Robert Morris tells Andrew McClean how Optegra has adapted its practises during Covid-19 and eased the backlog at the NHS

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Technology: US and them

Bill Harvey highlights some of the innovations discussed at the recent American Academy of Optometry virtual conference

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SCONe: Unlocking the retina

Dr Emma Pead introduces the Scottish Collaborative Optometry-Ophthalmology Network e-research, an exciting new initiative in Scotland, and explains how readers might get involved