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Support staff training programme : module 5 - contact lens options

This is the fifth Academy in Practice support staff module from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. This useful programme is available to all Acuvue Centre of Excellence practices in binder format with accompanying CD-Roms. These CDs can be used to train new staff on how to teach contact lens handling skills, and patients can take them home to reinforce the techniques they have learned

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Bilateral coloboma

Jonathan Bourton continues our series of case studies from the Institute of Optometry. The patient presented for an examination to see if she met the visual standards to become an ambulance driver

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Book reviews: holiday reading

As the summer progresses, many of you will be thinking about getting away and spending long hours on the beach or by the pool. What better then than taking a selection of the latest books on eye care with you? But beware, the two Bill Harvey recommends are massive tomes and you might need help getting them to the beach

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How to interpret Optomap retinal images

Over the last few months Optician has published a number of case studies from UK practitioners using the Optomap retinal exam. Here, US optometrist William Jones describes the system and offers some hints on image interpretation

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Macular clinical case histories

Richard Newsom describes some recent AMD presentations and asks you to decide upon the urgency of referral. His answers will be published next week. This is not a CET module

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Optos case study

In the penultimate article in our occasional series looking at the use of the Optos Panoramic 200 in clinical practice, Bill Harvey and Umesh Rupralia describe an interesting presentation

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Living with Glaucoma

Dr Aarchal Kotecha reviews the next in the series of self-help books aimed at educating patients about common eye diseases

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Binocular vision - A different angle

The human binocular system has a reflex desire for heterophoria and when using a 'normal' viewing environment the binocular lock will hide small vertical phorias. The effort required in maintaining compensation may cause significant visual symptoms, argues Tony Nixon. It may also be a factor in reduced reading abilities

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Out of this world

Bill Harvey takes a look at some of the more interesting findings reported at this year's ARVO conference