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Case study

John Bourton and Deacon Harle describe an interesting presentation at the Institute of Optometry Clinic

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Caring for kids

As the summer holidays begin, more children tend to trickle in through the practice doors. Suzanne Floyd gives some advice

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Sight for Sore Eyes

Andrew Keech is moved by a collection of inspiring stories published in celebration of the work of Vision Aid Overseas

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Therapeutics update

Professor John Lawrenson describes how recent changes to the Medicines Act and Opticians Act will affect optometrists in practice

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Eyecare 3000 - Belfast

Eyecare 3000 in Glasgow has become well established on the optometry education circuit. This January saw the first Belfast-based event.

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Tomorrow's practice

Dr Frank Eperjesi reports from one of the major events on the optometric calendar, held by the American Academy of Optometry, in Tampa, Florida, last month

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The case for LVAs

Bill Harvey suggests that a useful range of low vision aids is easily obtained, and highlights a couple of developments making their use easier

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Revolution in Wales?

Barbara Ryan, Dr Tom Margrain and Professor John Wild describe the pioneering approach being adopted in Wales to provide eye care to the visually impaired

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The future of eye care services

Health minister Rosie Winterton gives an update on the care pathways of cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and low vision that are now moving into testing

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Integrated eye care

Over the next four months, optician will be publishing a series of dedicated issues looking at the potential impact of the proposed eye care pathways on the future of the eye care professions. Irrelevant side issue or the start of proper funding for an integrated eye care service with practitioners at last being recognised and remunerated for the professional services they offer?

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Cataract and driving: Part 1

OPTICIAN/City University dissertation prize winner Jaspal Punia looks at the current vision standards for driving in the UK and their limitations. In a follow-up article he will suggest a more appropriate vision assessment than that currently used for drivers

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Core subject 1 Communication skills

We continue our weekly look at the GOC core competencies by expanding our argument over the significance of good comminication skills for accurate history and symptoms taking

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Introduction to Geometrical Optics

This handy-sized paperback text is based on an extensive teaching career at New York's SUNY Department where optometry has been taught over the years in a changing climate of education and practice.