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Core subject 1 - Communication skills

We continue our weekly look at the GOC core competencies by expanding our argument over the significance of good communication skills for accurate history and symptoms taking.

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Glaucoma pathways in Peterborough

Sheila Urquhart and Keshma Rughani explain the Peterborough glaucoma pathway, a scheme that is extended to a total of eight practices this month

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Communication skills

It is a safe assumption that a patient will attend for an eye examination for a reason. This reason may range from simple response to a posted reminder from a practice to the reporting of a specific visual or ocular symptom.

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Communicating with the patient

This week our series aimed at familiarising all practitioners with the core competencies specified by the GOC looks at communication skills.

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Review of the glaucoma care pathway

Stephen Vernon explains the development of the glaucoma care pathway, which aims to take the care of glaucoma suspects away from the HES and into the community

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Local heroes

Not sure what services are available locally? Lance Clark describes a national body that provides information on locally available services for those with visual impairment at a time when such provision is still very variable and erratic

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Case studies in refractive surgery 2

This is the second of four different case studies treated at Advance VisionCare, Harley Street, over the past two years, as recorded by Emma Firmager.

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Case studies in refractive surgery 1

This is the first in a short series of four different cases treated at Advance VisionCare, Harley Street over the past two years and recorded by Emma Firmager. They are all unique, and present challenges beyond the normal routine of refractive surgery. They show how it is sometimes possible to treat patients who may not have always been included in the past, or who have had complications from previous surgical experiences.

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Rules of the game

Read Rakesh Kapoor's article on GOS Services and use our interactive tool to see what you need to do to carry on providing GOS services after the transitional period ends on July 31 2005.

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A suitable case for treament - NOP survey Pt 3

In the final article on research by the College of Optometrists and Optician, Alison Ewbank examines consumer attitudes to optometrists extending their role into new areas of responsibility, including therapeutic prescribing.