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Case studies in refractive surgery 2

This is the second of four different case studies treated at Advance VisionCare, Harley Street, over the past two years, as recorded by Emma Firmager.

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Case studies in refractive surgery 1

This is the first in a short series of four different cases treated at Advance VisionCare, Harley Street over the past two years and recorded by Emma Firmager. They are all unique, and present challenges beyond the normal routine of refractive surgery. They show how it is sometimes possible to treat patients who may not have always been included in the past, or who have had complications from previous surgical experiences.

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Rules of the game

Read Rakesh Kapoor's article on GOS Services and use our interactive tool to see what you need to do to carry on providing GOS services after the transitional period ends on July 31 2005.

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A suitable case for treament - NOP survey Pt 3

In the final article on research by the College of Optometrists and Optician, Alison Ewbank examines consumer attitudes to optometrists extending their role into new areas of responsibility, including therapeutic prescribing.

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The American way

Imagine finishing your degree only to cross the Atlantic to start all over again. Hamish Patel did just that when his family moved to the US. Here he compares his experience of the two optometric education systems

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Ocular therapeutics - Part 12

In this second part of two modules covering the major classes of therapeutic agents used in the management of eye disease, Lucy Titcomb and Professor Bernard Gilmartin discuss drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma, dry eye and the major classes of analgesic. CET module C4823l

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As Arsenal and Manchester United prepare for tomorrow's FA Cup final in Cardiff, David Baker asks whether the colour of a team's kit can affect performance.

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Welcome to the Downloads section

The Downloads section allows you to access relevant documents for Elsevier texts. Michelle Hanratty's book Lasik - a Handbook for Optometrists is the text for our first set of downloads.

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Ocular therapeutics - Part 15

In the second of two modules covering the management of common anterior eye disorders, Dr Mfazo Hove and Christopher Hammond discuss conditions affecting the cornea, conjuctiva and sclera, together with the management of ocular trauma (C1068)

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Chicken and Egg

optician looks at a new software programme aimed at making accurate field assessment for screening a variety of conditions in a domiciliary environment a realistic expectation

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Tomorrow's practice

Dr Frank Eperjesi reports from one of the major events on the optometric calendar, held by the American Academy of Optometry, in Tampa, Florida, last month

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Winning hearts and minds

Optical retail managers and store directors last week heard management guru John White urge them to improve their skills to develop their people