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Community spirit

There was a time when good patient care meant spending half an hour with each patient and doing pressures and fields on everyone who walked through the door. But times change, as Alison Ewbank discovered when she visited Australian Peter Frampton's Aaron practice in Ashington, Northumberland

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Refracting the visually impaired patient

In the first of four CET articles linked with our series concerning the proposed eye care pathways, Professor Jonathan Jackson and Dr James Wolffsohn describe how best to assess the visually impaired patient with an adapted eye examination (CET module C462)

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Primary care trusts

As part of our look at the eye care pathways currently under development, Geoff Roberson describes the structure and function of primary care trusts and how readers might be able to influence them

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The specialist optometrist

Professor Ram Dhillon and consultant ophthalmologists Christopher Bentley and Philip Bloom outline a new training opportunity addressing the future demand for specialised optoms

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Steps to better care

Anita Lightstone explains the need for the new pathways and what we might look out for over the coming year

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Rewarding the best

This year the optician Awards are sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Dollond & Aitchison and Grafton Optical with its technology partners Eyescape and Paradigm. But time is running out to submit your entry. Here our three sponsors outline their categories just to make sure you stand the best chance of making it to the shortlist

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Multiple pathways

In an article allied to our ongoing series on the eye care pathways, Dr Kamlesh Chauhan and Dr Rob Hogan describe a view from the perspective of a major high street multiple

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Cataract and driving: Part 1

optician/City University dissertation prize winner Jaspal Punia looks at the current vision standards for driving in the UK and their limitations. In a follow-up article he will suggest a more appropriate vision assessment than that currently used for drivers

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Vision 2005

As this major conference hosted by the Royal National Institute of the Blind draws nearer, optician selects a few highlights of the extensive programme

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Top tips for testing

Know the trick to avoid an over-plus by using 0.12D lenses? How about using contact lenses to relax accommodation? Neil Constantine-Smith provides 15 top tips for practice that he's gleaned from peers, pre-regs and supervisors over the years

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Cataracts and driving - Part 2

After reviewing various aspects of visual function and its assessment for elderly drivers with cataract it can be concluded that no single test is able to reliably assess a driver's road safety. optician/City University prize winner Jaspal Punia argues that the DVLA should employ a 'battery' of vision tests if driving vision is to be adequately assessed

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Lighting the sports arena

In the first of a series looking at the visual implications of sport, Dr Alan Smith looks into the techniques and practice of lighting the sporting arena for both indoor and outdoor sports. Further articles will look at ocular hazards and sport-specific optical appliances

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Visual fields

Rachael Smith describes how she came to design a new chart for rapid evaluation of visual fields useful when looking for gross defects of neurological origin