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Orthokeratology for myopia

Philip Morgan, Lyndon Jones and Kate Gifford evaluate considerations on using orthokeratology contact lenses for myopia control during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Dry eye or contact lens?

As part of our series, developed with Alcon, Dr Tony Gibson presents a case of dry eye in a contact lens wearer who mistakenly believed her symptoms to be solely due to the contact lenses

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Products for myopia

Optician rounds up the contact lenses available to UK practitioners for the management of myopia

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Myopia management is blooming

Neil Retallic and Josie Barlow introduce a new, holistic approach to addressing myopia progression from Menicon, the Bloom Myopia Management System

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How to recycle used lenses

Zoe Wickens examines the efficacy of Johnson & Johnson Vision and TerraCycle’s Acuvue Contact Lens Recycle Programme that was launched at the start of this year

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Contact lens care - part 2 C15770

Nick Atkins concludes his series looking at care systems with a revision of the latest developments in lens care. Module C15770, one CL point for CLOs, one general CET point for optometrists and dispensing opticians.

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Contact lens care - part 1 C15419

Nick Atkins offers an update on contact lens care and the latest developments. C15419, one specialist point for CLOs, one general point for optometrists and dispensing opticians