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Products for myopia

Optician rounds up the contact lenses available to UK practitioners for the management of myopia

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Emergency dispensing

Mike Hale talks to several labs about what is available for practices offering an emergency service during the coronavirus pandemic

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Clariti 1 day

Marcella McParland and Anna Sulley examine the material, lens design and clinical performance of Clariti 1 day sphere, toric and multifocal lenses

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More powers to play with

Optician rounds up the multifocal contact lens products that suppliers are most keen to promote this autumn

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With an eye on the road

Optician takes a look at some of the best ophthalmic lenses and sunglasses designed to help aid visual performance behind the wheel

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Investing in the future

Mike Hale travels to Kent to visit PKP Optics and see the prescription house’s new digital surfacing equipment in operation

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Focus on the new at BCLA

Photochromic contact lenses, myopia control and extended depth of focus designs were creating a buzz at the BCLA, Chris Bennett reports

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Practitioner and patient exper

David Webley and Mailie Fournier take a look at findings from a recent survey into the performance of the clariti 1 day contact lens

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Light management

Johnson and Johnson Vision hopes to create a new contact lens category with its photochromic contact lens, Acuvue Oasys with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology. Chris Bennett finds out more

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Telling tales of torics

Optician invited contact lens companies to take part in a product round-up and submit a toric lens description to show what’s on the market today

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Cantor wins loyalty

Cantor & Nissel has carved its own niche as a manufacturer of specialist lenses for a full range of prescriptions and patient conditions. Joe Ayling visited the company’s Northamptonshire headquarters to interview long-standing chairman David Cantor

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Summit to think about

Fitting wearers with the healthiest contact lens option is what everybody wants so why doesn’t it always happen? Chris Bennett reports from CooperVision’s inaugural European Media Summit

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Finding your range

Sean Rai-Roche invited contact lens companies to submit their choice of product, along with details and a description, to take part in Optician’s round-up

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Making an impact

Bill Harvey looks at the results of new data from a trial of the CooperVision MiSight lens used in myopia control