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Future: Ultimate contact lens

Lyndon Jones and Karen Walsh evaluate the accuracy of predictions made 20 years ago and identify where contact lenses will be in 2040

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Changing the trajectory

Mark Halling explains to Andrew McClean how CooperVision’s Brilliant Futures programme creates exciting prospects for young myopes

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Multifocal CL design

Neil Retallic and Keiji Sugimoto ask whether multifocal contact lens technology is keeping pace with the demands of the modern presbyope and introduces the novel design of the Miru monthly lens

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Multifocals: Multiple choice

Multifocal contact lenses grow in sophistication every year to better offer patients comfort along with various zones of vision correction. Mike Hale rounds up some of the best on the market today

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CL prescribing trends

Professor Philip Morgan reports on the 25th annual Eurolens Research survey into UK contact lens prescribing

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Comfort and convenience

Mike Hale rounds up some of the top daily disposable contact lenses currently available to UK practitioners

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Myopia: Improving lifestyles

Andrew McClean speaks to three patients who participated in the clinical trial of CooperVision’s MiSight 1 day at the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Ocular Research and Education in Canada.

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Products for myopia

Optician rounds up the contact lenses available to UK practitioners for the management of myopia

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Emergency dispensing

Mike Hale talks to several labs about what is available for practices offering an emergency service during the coronavirus pandemic

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Clariti 1 day

Marcella McParland and Anna Sulley examine the material, lens design and clinical performance of Clariti 1 day sphere, toric and multifocal lenses

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More powers to play with

Optician rounds up the multifocal contact lens products that suppliers are most keen to promote this autumn