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Cantor wins loyalty

Cantor & Nissel has carved its own niche as a manufacturer of specialist lenses for a full range of prescriptions and patient conditions. Joe Ayling visited the company’s Northamptonshire headquarters to interview long-standing chairman David Cantor

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Summit to think about

Fitting wearers with the healthiest contact lens option is what everybody wants so why doesn’t it always happen? Chris Bennett reports from CooperVision’s inaugural European Media Summit

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Finding your range

Sean Rai-Roche invited contact lens companies to submit their choice of product, along with details and a description, to take part in Optician’s round-up

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Making an impact

Bill Harvey looks at the results of new data from a trial of the CooperVision MiSight lens used in myopia control

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CL Product of the Year

The runaway winner of this year’s Contact Lens Product of the Year category was Coopervision’s Misight 1 day. Chris Bennett sees what went into making it a winner

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Sowing the seed for growth

The boss of Japanese contact lens firm SEED paid a visit to Leighton Buzzard last month following its acquisition of CLPL UltraVision. Joe Ayling reports

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Linking speciality CLs

Contact lens material maker Contamac is looking to educate and inform the public, practitioners and manufacturers using a new web portal, Chris Bennett finds out why

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Introducing aloe vera

Elena Ruiz introduces a multipurpose solution for conventional and silicone hydrogel materials which includes aloe vera as an anti-irritant

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Contact lens moulds

Optician speaks to Nigel Flowers about the process and the importance of precision and quality in contact lens moulding

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Hybrid lenses review

Drop out from contact lens wear continues to be a problem so everything that helps patients stay in lenses is worth consideration. Chris Bennett asks if hybrid contact lenses can help by offering the advantages of both hard and soft lenses

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Contact lens prescribing

Now in its 22nd year, Professor Philip Morgan reports on the 2017 Eurolens Research survey of UK contact lens prescribing

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Interview: George Sarrouf

Bespoke contact lens manufacturer mark’ennovy celebrated its 20th anniversary in May this year. Jo Gallacher visited the company’s headquarters in Madrid to talk with founder George Sarrouf

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An eye on global expansion

With a brand new fleet of robots in the mark’ennovy lab, the contact lens manufacturer is ready to take on new markets overseas. Jo Gallacher reports

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New daily disposable toric

A new silicone hydrogel daily disposable toric combines two unique technologies to deliver excellent comfort and clear, stable vision, with a wide parameter range. Benjamin Straker, Giovanna Olivares, Anna Sulley and David Ruston report