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Conversations in practice: managing the long-term wearer

The long-term contact lens wearer’s visual and lifestyle needs change over time. How can you identify those who need a change of lens and help prevent them dropping out? Shireen Bharuchi and Simon Donne suggest ways of facilitating the discussion

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Conversations in practice: Sport and contact lenses

Sport and fitness present a wealth of opportunities to open a conversation with patients about contact lenses which can also lead to a wider discussion about lifestyle and eye health. Marco van Beusekom reports

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Contact lens education to go at the BCLA

‘What will you take away?’ was the theme for this year’s British Contact Lens Association Clinical Conference, held in Birmingham in June. Alison Ewbank reports on the key messages delegates took home from the clinical and education sessions

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A bright future for contact lens research

As a new generation of researchers takes to the podium, the CooperVision FORCE European Student of the Year competition shows that the future for contact lenses is in safe hands

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Business at the BCLA

Clinical excellence, charging for professional time and understanding the patient are at the heart of compliance, reduced drop outs and retention – delegates at the British Contact Lens Association conference in Birmingham heard last weekend

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Echoes of the Past: Contact lens conferences

This weekend’s (June 6-9) British Contact Lens Association clinical conference and exhibition at the ICC Birmingham brings together delegates and exhibitors from around the world to see developments in contact lens manufacturing and clinical care

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Professionalism on a LensPlate

Bill Harvey tries out a useful new product that will put an end to scrabbling for contact lens cases in the consulting room