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CL Practitioner of the Year

In winning the Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year award, Nick Howard has been recognised as 'a true evangelist for contact lenses'

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Raising the bar higher

Optician joined delegates at a London leg of Johnson & Johnson's clinical roadshows to hear the latest thinking on some of the key issues in contact lens practice

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Life in the fast lane

Catharine Chisholm steered the audience through the challenges and opportunities presented by contact lenses and driving in her BCLA Presidential Address in London last month

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The complete practitioner

Dr Catharine Chisholm comes to the role of BCLA president from both an academic and clinical angle. Here she explains her goals for the year ahead

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Lid margin disease and CL wear

Dr Sheetal Patel describes a case study illustrating the important link between dry eye, lid margin disease (LMD) and contact lens success

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Stargazing: the future for CLs

Invite some of the world's leading researchers to discuss the future for contact lenses and the result is likely to be a heated debate. Here's what panellists at the BCLA 'stargazing' session had to say

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A sporting chance

The BCLA Clinical Conference marked this Olympic year with a special session on contact lenses and sport. Could harnessing interest in sports and vision help grow the contact lens market? Alison Ewbank reports

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Let's talk contact lenses

An increasing majority of optical practitioners believe that recommending contact lenses is financially beneficial - with a quarter of patients now wearing lenses for vision correction. Joe Ayling reports on the latest research.

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Biocompatibility, SiH lenses and the impact of hydration on comfort

Anne Austin recently facilitated a series of online interviews with Professors Nathan Efron, Desmond Fonn and James Wolffsohn to examine conventional and current thinking on water content and lens surface dynamics and their impact on silicone hydrogel biocompatibility and comfort. Here the highlights of the interviews are presented as a 'virtual' roundtable discussion

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The real world of toric contact lens wear

Addressing everyday situations in the consulting room can lead to more successful toric soft lens fitting. Dr Kurt Moody and Ella Ewens review toric soft lens fitting and discuss evaluating these lenses in practice with three UK practitioners.

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C19184 Silicone hydrogel CLs for astigmatism

Dr Neil A Pence and Dr Tiffany M Andrzejewski look at the design options for silicone hydrogel toric contact lenses and provide some fitting tips. Module C19184, one specialist CET point for CLOs, one general CET point for optometrists and DOs.

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Keeping things stable

Gerry Cairns and Alexis Vogt describe the features of a new silicone hydrogel toric lens