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BCLA: Science and celebrations

The 40th anniversary of the BCLA conference and exhibition saw contact lens luminaries and practitioners from around the world come together to shape the future of the sector. Optician reports from the exhibition

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Contact lens dropout

Our interactive CET on contact lens droput (Optician 2 June) was designed to encourage discussion of how to predict possible causes and to consider pre-emptive measures to minimise the risk of it happening. Bill Harvey discusses your responses

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In focus: CL aftercare

An alarming account this week of a 67-year-old patient who arrived for cataract surgery with a total of 27 contact lenses still in her eye, raises new questions about patient aftercare and compliance. Joe Ayling reports

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Event report: A tour de Force

Reaching the final of the CooperVision Force Student of the Year competition can mean a major leap forward towards a career in research. Optician reports on the 2017 final, held at the company’s Centre of Innovation in Budapest

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On top of their game

Communicating with students was on the timetable at a one-day meeting in Liverpool for contact lens educators and there was useful information to apply in practice too. Alison Ewbank reports

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Open door policy

To celebrate 70 years in the eye care business and herald the launch of its optometry scholarship programme Alcon threw open its doors last week

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Giving the BCLA its DEWS

In the first of a short series of reports from this year’s BCLA conference in Liverpool, Bill Harvey describes the eagerly awaited TFOS DEWS2 presentations

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Jane Veys: Stopping dropout

Jane Veys, director, global professional education for Johnson & Johnson Vision reflects on her experience as an eye care practitioner, a researcher, an educator and a new wearer, on what we can do to help stop contact lens dropout

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Ortho K report

Mike Hale reports from a No 7 Contact Lenses event on Ortho K and myopia control held at the London Stadium

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The joy of being a CLO

Clare Privato (nee Samuel) offers a personal view of life as a contact lens optician and why she believes it to be such a challenging and worthwhile career

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BCLA: Something to celebrate

The BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition at ACC, Liverpool, on June 9-11, will mark the organisation’s 40th anniversary. BCLA president Brian Tompkins reveals what you can expect

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BCLA exhibitors

Which companies will be attending the BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition and where you can find them

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Soft lens fitting

Has the one-size-fits-all philosophy led to an over-simplification of soft contact lens fitting? As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, mark’ennovy convened a European roundtable meeting in Madrid to find some answers