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Contact lens communication

Optometrist and communications guru Sarah Morgan suggests ways to approach patients about potential contact lens use in the first of a four-part series prepared for front of house staff

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A winning solution to chronic uveitis

Heidi battled chronic uveitis in her right eye for more than 20 years before optometrist Vicki Macken came up with a solution that led to her winning this year’s CooperVision Life-Enhancing Contact Lens competition

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A Step in the right direction with J&J

Johnson & Johnson’s The Vision Care Institute has introduced an educational programme to support the transition from undergraduate to newly qualified optometrist. Simon Jones finds out more

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Keeping the patient on board at the BCLA

In this second summary of key moments at this year’s BCLA conference, Optician reports on developments in presbyopia correction and maintenance of the optimal wearing environment

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Myopia management and presbyopia correction at the BCLA

Myopia management and presbyopia correction were key themes at the British Contact Lens Association’s final Clinical Conference before the meeting goes biennial. Alison Ewbank reports as the contact lens world came together in Liverpool

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Innovating for multifocal fitting success

In the second part of a series of articles looking at advances in soft multifocal contact lenses, Kurt Moody, Sheila Hickson-Curran, Ben Wooley and David Ruston describe the technical features and clinical performance of the new 1-Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal