See what’s possible as a Pre-reg with Boots Opticians

By choosing Boots Opticians for your Pre-reg year you’ll have the opportunity to continue your journey of constant learning.

As a Boots Pre-reg Optometrist you’ll have a mix of clinical study, personal development and specific support through the key milestones of the Scheme for Registration, delivered through small practical workshops, online modules and through your dedicated Pre-reg Specialist.

This is all additional to the in-store time focusing on optical and testing skills, expertly supported by your store team as well as the wider Boots Opticians network. Only at Boots Opticians will you have the opportunity to cross refer our patients into our Pharmacy and Hearingcare teams to offer a truly unique healthcare experience.

We know how important your continued development is, so you will be automatically enrolled onto our two year Foundation Programme, where you can gain your MECS accreditation as part of the first year. Throughout your Pre-reg and Foundation year you will continue with your STEP programme with Johnson & Johnson to provide excellent patient-centred eye care.

Mobile Optometrist, Rashida, answers some frequently asked questions and shares her advice for students below:

How did you manage your Pre-reg placement and studying?

Think of the placement as daily revision! Every day is an opportunity to cement different parts of your understanding and learning - with patients, colleagues and your supervisors. Having a positive mindset will make all the difference, and ensure to speak to colleagues or supervisors if there is anything you are struggling with.

What are your top tips for revising?

I am a 'hands on' learner so I would always learn techniques and pathologies through textbooks or speaking with peers, but then try and practice anything I'd learnt the next day on a colleague, as this would really help solidify my understanding. I had brilliant supervisors and a fantastic team during my Pre-reg - so this also made a huge difference.

What resources would you recommend?

The College of Optometrists Clinical Management Guidelines are great at helping to understand conditions in more detail and understanding management options too. J&J Institute is really useful for anterior eye health and contact lenses. Boots Opticians arrange tailored Pre-reg workshops that assist with every step of the way; these were very timely and organised alongside visits very well.

Want to find out more? Click here to visit our Pre-reg hub to find out more about our programme and careers at Boots Opticians. To arrange an informal chat with our in-house Talent team, click here.

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