Exploring global myopia trends

Too many UK practitioners are prescribing single vision methods for myopia. Andrew McCarthy-McClean reports

A survey conducted by the International Myopia Institute explored global trends in attitudes and strategies for myopia management in clinical practice.  

The research was conducted between March and November 2022 and updated information gathered from surveys in 2015 and 2019.  

There were 74 respondents in Africa, 1,396 in Asia, 101 in Australasia, 931 in Europe, 338 in North America, 177 in South America , and 178 who did not specify their location. 

Most respondents were optometrists (68%), 23% were ophthalmologists and 6% were contact lens opticians, while 79% of respondents worked in clinical practice. 

Questions examined awareness of increasing myopia prevalence, perceived efficacy of treatment options, adoption of available strategies and reasons for not adopting specific strategies. 

Previous surveys identified high levels of concern about myopia among eye care professionals, but also found the majority still prescribed single vision interventions to young myopes. 

However, James Wolffsohn (pictured), lead author and professor of optometry at Aston University, told Optician the latest study highlighted a decline in the use of single vision spectacles.  

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