Photoprotection part 3: The Eye Protect System

Ophthalmic lenses
In the last article in this series looking at short wavelength light and its impact on ocular structures, Coralie Barrau, Amelie Kudla and Melanie Tessieres describe the new protective lens system from Essilor

The last decade has seen major innovations in clear everyday lenses with the incorporation of evolving photoprotective technology. Essilor’s photoprotective research programme started about 10 years ago, delivering in 2011 the first anti-reflection coating with low UV reflection on the rear surface with Crizal UV.

Thanks to the collaborative research program between the Paris Vision Institute and Essilor, the Crizal Prevencia coating was released in 2013, the first clear lens to integrate an antireflective coating that blocks both UV and partially harmful blue-violet light while maintaining transmission of the essential blue-turquoise light.

This year brought Essilor’s latest technological advance, the Smart Blue Filter, a novel development using embedded blue-violet light protection, compatible with any anti-reflection coating. The Eye Protect System lens brings together the Smart Blue Filter and UV protection while ensuring minimal aesthetic compromise. For extra protection, the Smart Blue Filter lens has been combined with the Crizal Prevencia coating.

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