Risk factors for non-infectious corneal inflammatory events

In part two of a three-part series, Dr Paul Karpecki explores the agreement and discrepancies between eye care professional beliefs and evidence in the scientific literature on corneal staining, corneal infiltrative events and other contact lens complications

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Part of the confusion may be related to two studies published in 2007 that found an association of CS during continuous wear (CW) and transient hyperfluorescence 'SICS' was associated with an increased risk of corneal infiltrative events (CIEs). However, as laid out in the first instalment of this three-part series, there are no other signs or symptoms associated with the transient hyperfluorescence observed in MPS users. Recently, the findings of an association between CIEs and asymptomatic CS in CW and corneal hyperfluorescence in MPS users has been retracted by the original authors due to new more rigorous studies or re-analysis of the original data showing confounding factors are responsible for the increase in CIEs rather than the hyperfluorescence.

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