Viewpoint: The value of social prescribing

Francesca Blackmore explains how engagement with local optometry cluster groups can help drive improved services for patients and representation for practices

Does anyone else hate virtual meetings? Or am I the only person who sometimes feels like they would rather set themselves on fire than be subjected to a mind-numbing hour of Zoom or Microsoft Teams, break-out rooms and ‘can everybody see my screen?’ with their colleagues? There are two reasons that I dread online meetings.

Firstly, thanks to the many now viral videos that are hilarious to all except the unfortunate individual who made the mistake, I seem to have developed an irrational fear that I will forget to turn my microphone off and embarrass myself somehow.

Secondly, I long for the old, pre-Covid days of in-person meetings. The good old days when I attended in-person Regional Optical Committee (ROC) meetings were much better for me. Even though I was always the outsider, and a few of the attendees were less than polite to me for daring to be in the room despite not having an optometry degree, there was always food laid on. Winner.

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