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Remembering the patient

Optician has recently begun a series on low vision practice. Here, practitioner Paul Wallis discusses his experience of low vision management and focuses on the care for those who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration in the preceding three years

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Dispensing Optician of the Year

Optician finds out more about Dispensing Optician of the Year 2012 Martin Varley and what it takes to triumph at the Optician Awards

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Dispensing for active ageing

Continuing our series on eye care for older people, Liam Kite looks at changing occupational and lifestyle needs and how these influence lens and frame choice

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50 shades of grey, brown, orange

Bill Harvey reminds us of the importance of lighting for those with impaired vision and is impressed by a new range of tinted shades that can be worn over existing spectacles without the stigma associated with more obvious sun shields

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Spectacle wear compliance

Marc Farmer discusses the social influences that have a negative impact on compliance of spectacle wear in children

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ABDO in the mood for change

ABDO may have ended its conference weekend as ABDO after voting against a name change, but general secretary Sir Tony Garrett is optimistic about its future and the prospect of refracting DOs. Alison Ewbank reports

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Welcome to all

Elaine Grisdale, head of professional services and international development at the Association of Dispensing Opticians, says this year's conference offers a view in 3D - differentiation, development and diversification

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Change the future of optometry

Optician has teamed up with Keeler again to launch a competition to allow you the chance to invent something that could change the face of optometric practice