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Complete course in dispensing

In the first of a major 10-part series on all matters relating to dispensing, Andrew Keirl and Richard Payne discuss how best to promote the service and appliances offered by a practice

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Outstanding DO of the Year

It was an unexpected offer that led to a career in optics for the 2007 Outstanding Dispensing Optician of the Year. Shannon McKenzie reports

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System for Ophthalmic Dispensing

Despite it being aimed at a US audience, Karen Clegg finds the latest edition of a classic dispensing manual a worthwhile investment

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Accurate fitting of progressive lenses

Within the optical profession, progressive lenses form an increasingly important part of everyday practice. These lenses make it even more important for practitioners to ensure that patients are measured accurately and the spectacles fitted well. This is not just to make best use of the available technology that is built into progressive lenses, but also to ensure the patient receives the visual acuity they expect, having paid what many consider a substantial fee for the product.

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Recognition we deserve

The professional status of dispensing opticians needs to be bolstered, writes Robert Longhurst

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Dispensing advice

Kevin Milsom took over the ABDO presidency in September this year. Shannon McKenzie hears what he thinks about the future of optics and the challenges ahead for dispensing opticians

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What if the vertex is different?

In our continuing series looking at the use of calculations in dispensing, Janet Carlton this month considers the importance of vertex distance on refraction

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Do the maths

Introducing a regular series on the importance of calculations in dispensing, Janet Carlton argues that a knowledge of basic mathematical principles is essential for optical practice

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Dispensing core subject 7

Core subject 7 for dispensing opticians is not dissimilar to subject 5 for optometrists dealt with last week in that it too is related to ocular examination. The emphasis is, however, somewhat different as may be seen by the breakdown into subcategories as follows

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The ultraviolet confusion unravelled

Ronald Rabbetts and Alick Taylor look at the ultraviolet absorbing properties of spectacle lenses and the legislative framework within which appliances must be dispensed

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Dispensing subject 2

Last week we began to consider the second competency area for dispensing opticians; the core subject 'professional conduct' includes various aspects of patient management, referral, record-keeping and awareness of legal responsibilities. The same subject is the second competency area for DOs, although the competency subject breakdown issued by the GOC is a little more detailed in nature

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Dispensing subject 1 - Communication Skills

We continue our weekly look at the GOC core competencies by expanding our argument over the significance of good communication skills for accurate history and symptoms taking