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Tour de chance

With cycling firmly in the nation’s psyche, Yiannis Kotoulas explores the opportunities for practice to increase dispensing in this specialist segment

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A powerful movement

Danish eyewear brand MonkeyGlasses opened its first practice in Copenhagen in November 2019. The company’s CEO and designer Mai-britt Seaton tells Andrew McClean about how sustainability was translated from its products to its store

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Time on your side

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through optical practices but change also brings opportunity. Simon Jones talks to practice owners who have embraced the post-coronavirus challenges

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A clean break

Yiannis Kotoulas considers the importance of in-practice cleaning and disinfection procedures as patients return to practice

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Measuring the way forward

Mike Hale and Nicholas Black discuss how to take the necessary measurements when dispensing during the Coid-19 era

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Operating in safety

Andrew McClean speaks to ABDO clinical lead Max Halford about ensuring patients and staff are safe when dispensing during the pandemic

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Dispensing tools for the job

A round up of various digital measuring devices that help support safe distancing between dispensing opticians and patients

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A demanding demographic

Andrew McClean gets insight from Cubitts and VIU about what millennials and generation Z want from an optical practice’s retail offering

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Disruption disasters

Simon Jones looks at some of the disruptive brands and ideas that haven’t hit the mark

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Winning off the pitch

Selling eyewear and promoting brands is an art that has long since moved on from discount promos, billboard advertising and direct mail. Chris Bennett finds out how Maui Jim is influencing customers to visit local independent practices

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Bolt from the blue

David Baker considers a famous optical miracle from The Bible and uncovers modern day analogues

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Fluorescent fluctuations

Professor Arnold Wilkins looks into the impact of strip lighting on vision and how the use of colours may mitigate its negative effects