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What drives vision correction purchases?

Health factors and practitioner expertise are more likely to influence purchasing decisions among contact lens wearers than price. Health driven customers spend more on their vision correction, as Aftab Aslam reports

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Echoes of the past: How Optician's letters pages struck a chord

When Optician carries out subscriber research, one section that readers really seem to appreciate is Letters and a healthy Letters section can be seen as a sign of a healthy magazine. This was equally true when looking at the issue of Optician on March 10 1939.

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Play it again, Eddie

Which is the only pop song lyric that mentions opticians? David Baker has the answer, unless you know better

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Green shoots in Limerick

Irish independent Vision 2 Opticians opens its doors to Optician and explains how a number of initiatives have spurred growth in a tough trading environment. Joe Ayling reports from Limerick

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Online with Shickle

Optician publishes more questions and answers generated by the recent ABDO College online webinar

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Optometrist of the Year

Andrew Millington's emphasis on good communication at all levels makes him a worthy winner of this coveted award. Bill Harvey reports.

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Assessing babies and pre-school children for strabismus

Dr Simon Barnard, Ellis Johnson and Alex Levit present an overview of strabismus or heterotropia, also known in the UK as a squint. It is the condition in which only one of the visual axes is directed towards the fixation object.

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Questions questions

Optician has teamed up with ABDO College to publish the questions and answers generated from its recent online webinar. This is the first of two articles.

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Global vision

In the final part of our series on the impact of global trends on eye health, Professor Mark Rosenfield reviews the ocular and visual implications of viewing digital electronic screens

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Dear Patient

According to our records it's time for your next examination of patient recall letters - this is the message to independent practitioners from the authors of More Patients, More Often Part Two

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Remembering the patient

Optician has recently begun a series on low vision practice. Here, practitioner Paul Wallis discusses his experience of low vision management and focuses on the care for those who have been diagnosed with macular degeneration in the preceding three years