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Spectacle wear compliance

Marc Farmer discusses the social influences that have a negative impact on compliance of spectacle wear in children

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ABDO in the mood for change

ABDO may have ended its conference weekend as ABDO after voting against a name change, but general secretary Sir Tony Garrett is optimistic about its future and the prospect of refracting DOs. Alison Ewbank reports

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Welcome to all

Elaine Grisdale, head of professional services and international development at the Association of Dispensing Opticians, says this year's conference offers a view in 3D - differentiation, development and diversification

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Change the future of optometry

Optician has teamed up with Keeler again to launch a competition to allow you the chance to invent something that could change the face of optometric practice

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Your LOC needs you

Continuing our series on finding inspiration in and out of the consulting room, Chris Bennett looks at how to get involved in local eye care schemes

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Lifestyle dispensing - part 1 C16476

In the first in a series looking at how best to dispense to meet the patient’s needs, Stephen Freeman considers ways of dispensing that best suit the demands of the modern office, and offers two case studies. Module C16476, one general CET point for optometrists and dispensing opticians.

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Protective eyewear C16143

Gordon Carson discusses the legal ramifications of the sale and supply of protective eyewear and what needs to be borne in mind by the eye care professional when dispensing a safety appliance. Module C16143, one general CET point suitable for optometrists and dispensing opticians

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Dispensing to drivers C15898

In the fourth of our driving series, Dr Colin Fowler offers advice on areas to consider when dispensing to drivers. Module C15898, one general CET point suitable for optometrists and DOs.

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It's a family business

Jane Veys reports from a one-day conference on eye health across three generations and building your business around family eye care

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Dispensing Optician of the Year

Combining experience of teamwork and customer care with technical expertise is how Eve Lambert put herself ahead of the field.

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Dispensing to children

Offering a comprehensive service to children can bring long-term benefits to your business. James Dawson considers the issues around dealing with children in practice

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Complete course in dispensing part 7 - Coatings

Recommending a coating or tint to a client can greatly enhance the durability, optical performance and functionality of their new spectacles, while providing a valuable stream of extra revenue. Andrew Keirl and Richard Payne discuss the benefits and advantages of coatings, tints and other lens enhancements. Module C10586, two general CET points suitable for optometrists and dispensing opticians