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It's a family business

Jane Veys reports from a one-day conference on eye health across three generations and building your business around family eye care

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Dispensing Optician of the Year

Combining experience of teamwork and customer care with technical expertise is how Eve Lambert put herself ahead of the field.

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Dispensing to children

Offering a comprehensive service to children can bring long-term benefits to your business. James Dawson considers the issues around dealing with children in practice

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Complete course in dispensing part 7 - Coatings

Recommending a coating or tint to a client can greatly enhance the durability, optical performance and functionality of their new spectacles, while providing a valuable stream of extra revenue. Andrew Keirl and Richard Payne discuss the benefits and advantages of coatings, tints and other lens enhancements. Module C10586, two general CET points suitable for optometrists and dispensing opticians

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Mystery shopping

The ninth part of our series of insights and ideas to develop your practice considers how your staff really treat patients and customers

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Consumer caution

Spending is still cautious in practice, with practice turnover for July 4 per cent down on July 2008 and only reglazes showing a rise

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Child benefit

Meeting the demands of fashion-conscious children and their parents requires the practice to stock a varied range of styles, colours and sizes. Mike Hale looks at what is on offer this season

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Keep the kids happy

Marla Saggu, director of S Squared Eyecare, gives her take on selling frames to the different age groups in the children's market

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Building on our heritage

Norville's Training and Heritage Centre will act as a learning centre for practitioners and industry staff. The aim is to offer a valuable link with the past as optics accelerates towards a high-tech future

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The Complete Optometric Assistant

Aspiring assistants take note. Karen Clegg enthuses about a book for frontline staff which should occupy a quite unique place on the bookshelf

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The handover

Accuracy and good communication between professionals ensure high standards of care. Shaunagh Aitken emphasises the importance of the handover from optometrist to dispensing optician

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Back to Basics in Dispensing Part 4 (C6489)

A focimeter is an instrument used to measure vertex powers and prismatic effects of spectacles and contact lenses, to orientate and mark uncut lenses, and to verify the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames.

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Back to basics in dispensing part 8

Paul McCarthy looks at ways of predicting problems due to anisometropia and how best to avoid them. C7205, one standard CET point, suitable for optometrists and dispensing opticians

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Revolution in dispensing

Optometrists David and Elizabeth Baddeley have introduced a new dispensing system into their practice. Here David Baddeley explains how they use it to increase high-end sales