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Vintage Varvatos

The men’s eyewear line from US designer John Varvatos combines wrapped shapes with classic touches. Rory Brogan is at home with the range

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Mido 2006 Part 1: Stars and strass

Mido, the giant optical extravaganza proved well worth a visit, with enough new frames to tempt even the most cautious of UK practitioners to part with their money. Optician reports

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Back to the future

Retro-themed partygoers need look no further than their local opticians if these classic eyewear styles are anything to go by. Optician showcases 30 current designs with strong influences from decades past.

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Meteoric Munich

Most British practitioners' experience of trade fairs is restricted to the NEC. David Challinor says many will do well to consider Opti Munich, where he received a warm welcome

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The land of the rising markets

Bill Harvey reports from this year's IOFT show in Japan and finds a thriving market with increasing interest from Europe and the Asian mainland

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Lens aware at Silmo

Amid the hustle and bustle or retro frames and sunglasses, the contact lens and ophthalmic lens companies quietly plugged their new products from award-winning torics to anti-fatigue lens designs. Emma White reports

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Style for the people

Style should be for everyone, not just the well-heeled. At least, that's the thinking behind the new Oscar+Fitch range of couture spectacles

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Flower power

Rory Brogan gets closer to nature with Kenzo's latest eyewear at Silmo

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An eyeful of Silmo

Retro sunglasses continued their ascent at last month's exhibition in Paris, with retro optical frames not far behind. Rob Moss and Emma White report on new collections and emerging trends from the year's main event for eye fashion

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Eye candy

Chunky shapes and funky colours feature strongly in our latest showcase of women's frames

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Our series on British frame design continues with Richard Mewha, the New York-based designer behind Bevel eyewear. Clara Browning takes up the story

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Sporting challenge

As a result of the flurry of activity around the wrapped sports lenses available at Optrafair, optician embarked on a project

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To buy or not to buy?

Choosing which frames to buy for your practice is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your offering from the competition. Emma White and Rob Moss provide 10 top tips on frame purchasing

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A classic breed

Rory Brogan visits Dunhill's head office on London's Jermyn Street and discovers a new chapter in the brand's history, with the launch of its latest-generation eyewear for men