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Dispensing down a wire

Glasses Direct may be catching all the headlines but there are plenty of other virtual dispensers doing much the same thing.

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Ladies first

Last May, Classic Eyes won optician's Eye Care Practice of the Year award. Emma White caught up with the all-female Cardiff Bay team

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Oh you precious things

Optician finds changes afoot in the luxury eyewear market, with moves away from purely classical styling. Here practitioners and providers reveal a few gems

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Closer inspection

Returning to our series on British frame design, Rob Moss visits what Business Week described as one of Europe's '100 hottest growth companies'

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Additives and extras

Dr Glynn Walsh concludes his review of the raw materials used by manufacturers of frame materials

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Additives and extras

Following on from his A to Z of frame materials published throughout last year in optician, Dr Glynn Walsh begins a two-part series describing the raw materials and additives which suppliers use to make the frames

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One big side show

When it came to eyewear at Optrafair, the devil was definitely in the detailing. Rory Brogan and Rob Moss found the flourishes were not necessarily intended for all to see, with a concentration of work on the inner sides and end tips.

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Fans of Frédéric

Rory Brogan discovers that the frames and sunglasses of Frédéric Beausoleil have found favour among celebs in LA and New York.

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Serious about style

As the producer of colourful eyewear from Missoni to the 'rock star' styles of John Richmond, Italian luxury firm Allison has big plans and new launches for the UK independent market in 2005

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The fine line

Continuing our series on British frame design, Robert William Morris, founder of William Morris Eyewear, tells Rob Moss about the fine line he takes between playing it safe and taking risks

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To buy or not to buy?

Choosing which frames to buy for your practice is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your offering from the competition. Emma White and Rob Moss provide 10 top tips on frame purchasing

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A classic breed

Rory Brogan visits Dunhill's head office on London's Jermyn Street and discovers a new chapter in the brand's history, with the launch of its latest-generation eyewear for men

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Shanghai surprise

For those tempted to make the trip east to source relatively inexpensive lenses or frames direct from manufacturers, it is difficult to know which of the four major shows to choose from. Mark Mackenzie reports from Shanghai