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At the Cutting Edge

What do you do if you can't find a prescription lab that provides you with the service you want? Simple, set up your own. Chris Bennett travelled to Basingstoke to find out more

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Big in Japan and Wrexham

Chris Bennett gets the low-down on Hoya's continuing manufacturing in Europe and support for independent practices

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Snapping up Kodak

The prospect of harnessing the marketing power of a multinational has its attractions for the independent practitioner. Alex Thomas reports on the benefits of becoming a Kodak Lens Vision Centre

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Take a tour of the Silhouette plant

Rory Brogan visits the Silhouette plant in Austria and finds the future is clearly rimless, with a concentration on manufacturing solutions and Titan Minimal Art

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Glazing performers

Rory Brogan visits the Lenstec laboratory in Wales and discovers an emphasis on NVQs and the niche areas of premium and sports glazing

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Global ambitions

Newly established UK lens manufacturer Optimal Vision has come a long way from its Romanian roots. Bevis O'Neill met up with some global entrepreneurs with independents in their sights

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Marcolin's rebranding

After Marcolin's loss of Dolce & Gabbana over two years ago, the company has repositioned itself and is now a stronger more solid outfit, as Maurizio Marcolin explained to Rory Brogan

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The power of free-form

Free-form may be the latest buzzword from the lens manufacturers, but Chris Bennett discovers Seiko has form with the technology

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Batting for industry

The Ophthalmic Lens Manufacturers', Assemblers' and Distributors' Association recently hosted its third education symposium for the year. Shannon McKenzie reports

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Quality controlled

Optician takes a look at the new lens verification system installed by Essilor at its Thornbury, South Gloucestershire plant

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Rodenstock welcomes backing of new parent

Rodenstock has been acquired by European private equity firm Bridgepoint from Permira for an undisclosed sum, reported by the Financial Times, December 27, as more than €600m (£402m).

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Clearlab closes factory with loss of 100 jobs

Contact lens company Clearlab has announced plans to move its manufacturing facilities to Singapore and close its Estover operation near Plymouth with an estimated loss of more than 100 jobs.

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Added polish : Glazing survey

Quality, service and reliability remain the key factors for practices when choosing a prescription lab or deciding on whether to change suppliers. Optician reports on the findings of our glazing labs survey