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As you like it

Bill Harvey and Janet Carlton pen their report from this year's Essilor University and College Symposium in Stratford-upon-Avon without blotting a line

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Hoyalux iD Lifestyle design

In the first of two articles, Professor Mo Jalie discusses the development and structure of a new integrated bi-atoric progressive lens

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Quality controlled

Optician takes a look at the new lens verification system installed by Essilor at its Thornbury, South Gloucestershire plant

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Top of the form lenses

In the latest of our calculations in practice series, Janet Carlton looks at best form lenses and the aberrations they compensate for

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A question of colour

In the latest of her series on calculations in practice, Janet Carlton considers chromatic aberration

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Accurate fitting of progressive lenses

Within the optical profession, progressive lenses form an increasingly important part of everyday practice. These lenses make it even more important for practitioners to ensure that patients are measured accurately and the spectacles fitted well. This is not just to make best use of the available technology that is built into progressive lenses, but also to ensure the patient receives the visual acuity they expect, having paid what many consider a substantial fee for the product.

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Calculations: Lens thickness and sags

In this month's look at calculations in practice, Janet Carlton describes how best to calculate what is all important to most patients - lens thickness

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New Horizons

Investment, training and the ability of staff to multitask, all make prescription house Horizon Optical a force to be reckoned with, writes Rory Brogan

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Essilor makes merry

Speakers at the 13th annual Essilor University Conference covered the past innovations of optics and highlighted potential new directions. Dr Catherine Porter was there

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A softer focus

As part of its 25th-year anniversary celebrations in the UK, Hoya has revamped its prescription business and is looking to get even closer to practitioners

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Added polish : Glazing survey

Quality, service and reliability remain the key factors for practices when choosing a prescription lab or deciding on whether to change suppliers. Optician reports on the findings of our glazing labs survey

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Calmer vision

With recent publicity on the dangers of blue light and the risk of macular degeneration (News, June 30), Bushnell Performance Optics, the company behind the Serengeti line of sunglasses, is planning a timely push on the medical benefits of its lenses.

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Life on Mars

Lens technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, so why haven't attitudes towards variable tint lenses? Luca Conte, business manager of Transitions Optical, gives his personal view

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The adventures of tinting

Where better than a sun-soaked Milan to announce a tie-up on variable tint sunglass lenses? Rory Brogan reports

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Optics with robotics

Rory Brogan visits Tant Laboratories and finds that computerisation, a clean environment and Weco machinery, including a robot, are all part of ongoing improvements at the plant