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Optimum performance

Simon Jones looks at the rise of Optimum Coatings in the ophthalmic lens lab market

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Essilor leads on accuracy

Simon Jones reports from Silmo on a new patient experience from Essilor, and the latest iteration of Transitions’ photochromic lens

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Short wavelength visible light

Ronald Rabbetts describes a new British Standards technical report which helps to clarify the definition of short wavelength visible light

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Optrafair through a lens

This year’s event offered delegates the opportunity to see the latest innovation in ophthalmic lens manufacturing and design. Optician looks at some of the highlights

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Ensuring compliance

Vision Lab is providing Riley safety eyewear through a range of innovative routes. Sean Rai-Roche reports

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Autograph Intelligence

Mike Hale finds out about Shamir’s new Autograph Intelligence, a progressive lens design that aims to meet the needs of a wearer’s visual age

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Specialisation key to success

Offering a broad range of services for the independent market is the basis for Waterside Labs’ success. Sean Rai-Roche finds out more

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Nikon's new lens

Premium lens specialist Nikon only launches a new flagship lens every five years so interest was intense in the run up to the unveiling of its latest offering, Ultimate. Mike Hale reports

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Zeiss UVProtect lenses

Optician takes a look at how Zeiss technology aims to shield your eyes from harmful UV radiation

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How to choose a lab

To accompany the 2019 Lab Directory, Sean Rai Roche speaks to practice owners about what labs they use for their lens needs